Frankenstein’s monster and Caliban are represented as victims of circumstance throughout both texts using language and narration. Mary Shelly and Shakespeare do this through several language features such imagery and rhetorical questions. The characters are both victimised and seen as evil by the people around them and this leaves them alienated, as an outsider to […]

By setting the scene, the reader is shown an aspect of symbolism of the ideology of Salem at the time. ‘There is a narrow window at the left. Through the lead plains’ the description of this window allows the reader to understand what Salem was like. The small window shows how the room is cut-off […]

Futility is engaged in the poems through language, structure and form.   Imagery is used in both poems to show themes of futility. Imagery is used throughout ‘Futility’ to enhance futility. ‘Fields half-sown’ links to before war broke out, creating the memories of happier, easier times. Through imagery the poet can clearly get a memory or view across […]

POET: Wilfred Owen STRUCTURE: The poem opens by directly connecting and talking with the reader. ‘Move him’ is a command telling the reader what they or someone has to do, its an imperative.  This statement implies that ‘him’ is unable to move himself, that they are emotionally/physically impaired and that they can’t move themselves. This […]

Bees The three most distinctive noises to our ears must be the scraping on chalk of a blackboard; a baby’s cry and the buzzing of bees! However despite how annoying these sounds may be, without them being known to man, man itself would not be known. We strive from education, reproduce and live on through […]

POET: John Agard STRUCTURE: The poem begins with a rhetorical question, which is repeated throughout the first 4 verses, asking the reader what they can see. He follows this question up by answering it with he same reply ‘its just a piece of cloth’. This answers all the questions despite them differing in nouns ie. […]

Torture   Dear CHRIS FLOYD, My name is George Davis and I am writing to you in response to the article you recently published on torture. Although I think torture is horrific, I feel at times it cannot be avoided. The act of torture involves deliberately inflicting physical or mental pain on a person or persons. […]

Final draft. ‘We will shortly be arriving at Honolulla. Please ensure you have all your personal bags and articles safely stored in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you. Please fasten your seatbelts, before assisting someone else and make sure your seat is also in the upright position. Turn all electronically […]

Frankenstein and Tempest Plan.   Theory: Both characters developed their monstrosity quickly though rejection and self disbelief.   Intro: Explain my theory and how it will be explored during the essay.   Para1: Outline why I think both of them are actually monsters to clarify it to the reader allowing them to understand why I […]

Dear Elizabeth , In todays world, the use of slangs i dominant, whether that be when texting or talking between old and predominantly young people. Is the slang used by young people of today such a bad thing? I will highlight both sides to this argument.   Some people fear that slang is a preventative […]